The Illustrated Standard for the German Shepherd Dog is now available in a downloadable PDF eBook format. The book version quickly sold out and I have no immediate plans to do a second printing.

It is available at Flickrocket, a well-established DRM (digital rights management) company with offices in the United States, the UK and Germany. Flickrocket provides the encryption that protects digital products from piracy. When you purchase your eBook, you will be prompted to first download the Flux Player software within which the eBook will open on your computer or ipad. Flux Player looks and functions a lot like Adobe Reader, which everyone uses to read pdfs. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds. Be sure to view Scott Burdick’s video below.

The eBook is licenced for the lifetime of the individual computer, tablet or ipad to which you download the eBook file, and may be downloaded to three devices. It cannot be burned to DVDs, emailed, transferred to another computer, rented, or sold to anyone else. The inconvenience of this is offset by the price, only $25 USD, substantially less expensive than the printed book. And there is no shipping!

(Please note: Flickrocket displays the price in Canadian dollars at the current exchange, but it will be processed by Paypal at $25 USD)

This is the only way for me to protect my book from illegal distribution. There seems to be a veritable industry around “ripping” Amazon, Adobe and Apple DRM. FlickRocket provides the best available DRM technology.

Below is my FlickRocket shop. When you click the Select button at the bottom, you will be guided through the process of  ordering  your copy of The Illustrated Standard for the German Shepherd Dog, and downloading Flux Player to read it. Payment is made through Paypal, via your Paypal account or credit card. (Before you buy, you can click on How It Works at the bottom of the frame, and download the free video Big Buck Bunny, to see how the process works.)


You can also directly access my Flickrocket shop in a new browser tab by clicking here:


This is a short video explaining in detail the process of downloading a digital product from FlickRocket (in this case a video of the work of artist Richard Schmid), as well as the Flux Player software. The video was created by Scott Burdick, a wonderful painter who has been selling his art videos on FlickRocket for many years.

Please note that your order does not come directly to me, and technical support is provided by FlickRocket.

However if you have questions you can contact me at

If you would like to have a closer look at Flickrocket, this is their website at

Flickrocket technical support is second to none. THANK YOU RON!