The German Shepherd Dog


What people are saying about The Illustrated Standard for the German Shepherd Dog:

I just received Linda Shaw’s incredible book today. If I could afford it I would buy one for every GSD person I know, and for sure every puppy owner. If you consider yourself a “Shepherdist” you should have one. It is so well written and well edited; succinct, informative, and free of politics. It will piss some extreme show people off, but I say let them write their own book and illustrate with such clarity why they say their dogs need to look like that in order to be useful or beautiful. The illustrations, the quality, the information presented in such a clear and concise way are well worth the price. I do hope it comes out in hard back one day, as it’s an heirloom quality volume. History making. Great job Linda.
Julia Priest
Coach for Canines

Look what came in the mail today. Thank you Linda, have only gone through the first few pages and all I can say is wow, a fantastic, informative book. A must have for any GSD lover. The illustrations and explanations in the book are top notch, and I love the photos of all the dogs. I stayed up past midnight last night going through it . Again, congrats to you and Heather Dickinson for doing such a super job.
Teresa K.

This much anticipated book has arrived and looks fantastic! Thanks Linda. I can’t wait to start reading it.
Kirsty T.

Hello Linda. My book arrived safely despite all the snow. It is beautiful. I am going to treasure it and enjoy learning more about structure and function while admiring all the wonderful illustrations.
Thank you,

Hi Linda. The book arrived safely on Friday. It’s an absolute feast for the eye!
I’ve been a fan of your work for many years and was so thrilled to see you’d illustrated and published such a comprehensive compendium of canid anatomy. It would be difficult, if not impossible to find another volume of work that so clearly and effectively illustrates the complexity and nuance of canine for and function. I’ve purchased many books on animal anatomy over the years, but I feel that this, though specific to the conformation of the GSD is simply the most detailed, accurate and beautiful work available on the subject of anatomy.
I’d love the opportunity to speak with you more about your work. I’m an artist and I have, over the years, referenced and looked to your work for inspiration. I do think that you’re one of the best out there. Thank you for making your art available to others.
Best, Ashley

Linda, I am so impressed with this book. I found myself cheering as I read. Such truth! You are a brave soul! I would like to make your book part of my K9 sports massage class. Can’t put how I feel into words!
Cindy H.

Hi Linda
I’ve gone through some pages. In one line “You X-rayed the gsd standard beneath the skin”.
Lovely amazing fantastic and it will be easy to visualize the actual angulations on live dog after reading the book.
God bless you for the work
Rupesh N.

Linda, I received my book yesterday. It is wonderful! I’ve studied anatomy at Virginia Commonwealth University in the Fine Arts Department and at Blue Ridge Community College in the veterinary technician program. Your book is a wonderful refresher as well as teaching me some new things. I so hope that your book will help nudge breeders back to the correct GSD.
Beth G.

I received your book yesterday! It’s absolutely gorgeous! The illustrations are amazing. I can’t wait to really get to sit down and read everything. It’s definitely something special. It’s something every GSD owner, lover, and enthusiast should have!
Stephanie S.

Thanks Linda, The book arrived in Bonnie Scotland safely.
It is beautiful, thanks so much.
Margaret W.

I tried to go to your website to order the book but it’s so popular that you’ve reached your bandwidth limit and it won’t open!
Lindsay C.

To everyone who ever wondered about the best structure for the German Shepherd Dog, here you go. This is the most comprehensive illustrated study of the breed’s structure I have seen. Science and physics is how a dog moves.
Of course, the dog also needs to be correct in the head too.
Thank you Linda.
Nancy S.

I received my copy of Linda Shaw’s ‘The illustrated standard for the German Shepherd Dog’ and I must say it is even better than I imagined it would be. The brilliant illustrations and relating text make it very educational understanding structure, function & purpose. Thank you Linda for producing such an outstanding book!
Karen C.

Hi Linda,
Where to start!
The outward appearance and feel of the book is of high quality. The perfect binding and paper quality (weight and coating) allied with the ink density – most pleasing. Very clean cut.
Font – clean, white space – works well.
Number of pages – not disappointing.
Vocabulary – well chosen, tightly constructed sentences.
Comments found on page six – are to my mind, a critical series of points that should be in big red letters with the rest of the book being locked until:

  • Have you read this section?
  • Do you understand this section?
  • Do you agree with the points in the section?

Any person answering “NO” or suggestions of wavering mental debate to any of the above – is not given access to the rest of the book.
So, is the book a success? For myself – most certainly.
Your evidence via diagrams and supporting textual comment hopefully will engender debate and put those who infer present show GSD evolution as still driving towards a structurally sound creature are on a wobbly footing (pun intended). There must be many like myself who relish the beauty of the W. German showline but do not want to be hobbled with a dog that is unable to perform such activities as demanded by UK Working trials (and the like).

To cover all the features and parts that bring it to a package that results in a 9.5/10 review would generate pages of un-necessary hyperbole. Simply put, your efforts have a good chance of being considered a classic production, one that hopefully stands the test of time. The difference between creating a pamphlet and a text is enormous.
Your dedication to the breed is portrayed visually in a most demonstrative manner.
Thank you so much.
Regards, Peter D


  1. Thanks Helen. It has been selling well. I’m getting close to having to decide if I do a second printing.

  2. Linda
    This is what we have been waiting for. The illustrations and definitions are easy to view and understand even for the novice in our wonderful breed.
    You have been most helpful in the past to the Education Committee in developing our small Illustrated Standard that is being used throughout the GSD World.
    A dog that is properly constructed can perform all of the duties for which the German Shepherd Dog is used. The education of our new breeders to avoid designer dogs in their breeding programs and breed to the Standard is extremely important. I believe the book you have prepared is an excellent tool to assist all of us.
    Thank you

  3. Linda, I have read and re-read your book. It is always at hand. Learning to understand why my dogs move as they do, what their faults are and even better, what their good qualities are is just amazing. I saw a backyard bred 9 month old puppy in obedience class today. A total train wreck, but I am now able to see what the problems are other than just “ugh”. The instructor said that after several months of work the pup can at least stand on his hind legs and his pasterns are holding up better. So it’s not just the show breeders messing up the dogs. But this poor dog is going to suffer his whole life.
    Thank you for this beautiful book and the opportunity to learn about our wonderful dogs. There are some good ones out there. We need to find them and celebrate them.