And That is a Wrap!

The first edition of The Illustrated Standard for the German Shepherd Dog is sold out!

When I started this project I assumed it would take five years or so to sell out, but it has taken only eight months! It was a life bucket list item that I have nursed for over fifteen years, and it seems to have blown past in an instant. My biggest take away has been how many people love this breed, not as just a show dog, but as a multi-talented working dog and athlete. These people are breeding and training and utilizing dogs of which Max would be proud. I have to say that I have much more hope for the breed now than when I started.

I have been asked about a second edition, and that might be something to look into – next year. Knowing how much work is involved, I am not entertaining the idea just yet. There is the rest of the summer to enjoy, and time to be spent with my dogs.

One Comment

  1. Hi Linda,

    I want to order your book for my birthday but know I see that is sold out … What a pitty! Hopefully I get another chance to buy it! I’m very interested in shepherds, I have a swedish white shepherd and within a few years I get my black long coated german shepherd.

    Kind Regards,

    Stijn Dewulf from Belgium