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WELCOME to the new This site has been completely re-designed to offer much more information to readers, and to make adding that information a lot easier for me. While the focus will still be all things German Shepherd Dog, I will also be adding material about many different breeds. There is more information on my background and experience on the About page, as well as a bit about some of my beloved shepherds. The GSD page is devoted exclusively to the German Shepherd Dog, including the Breed Types page that was so popular on my old site. My Portrait page includes a gallery of paintings, a page showing the process of painting a portrait and information on commissioning a painting.

My Q&A page is where you can send me your comments, thoughts and questions. Rather than simply open each article to random responses, which is very time consuming to monitor, I decided a better option would be to have one gateway for serious responses. So, if you have such questions, comments or ideas for articles, send them on.

The Store page will feature books and videos that I have reviewed and recommend, and eventually where I will make available an ebook version of my Illustrated Standard of the German Shepherd Dog. It is about three quarters done, and has proven to be a heck of a big job, so bear with me.

All the information that was available on the old will be transferred here, perhaps rewritten, and often with newer and better drawings. Plus, I have plans for many more articles of interest to other breeds, and purebred dogs in general. It will take a while to get all this and more uploaded, but this site is intended to be an ongoing work in progress. The information will be organized so that it can be searched according to both categories and informational tags. If I can figure out how to format an Index I may do that too. This site will be an ever expanding library of information for anyone who loves dogs, hopefully as interesting to you as it is to me.

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